Pole Parties

Hen/Pole Parties are a unique way to kick start your day or night.

They last for approx 90mins, and you leave with a Sash, a whole lot of new moves and a bottle of Bubbley*!
(Usualy 2 bottles for large groups)

£20 per head for parties of 10+
£25 per head for parties of -10
£50 deposit required

Exotic Parties

By the end of your class, you will know how to use your new posture to move around the pole effortlessly. I will teach you how to execute a few moves,poses and some sexy transitions to make a sassy routine that will turn you into a pole kitten in no time.  Treat yourself to a Burlesque Party! 

These are fabulous, feminine, fun workshops that combine Burlesque, Chair Dancing, Burlesque Floorwork.

All props (feather boas, silk and satin gloves, Chairs, Poles) are provided for you.

So all you need to bring is yourself!


A fun class of tongue in cheek traditional tease, and showgirl struts. Combining Body Deportment, Catwalk Confidence and Strip Tease this class will make you feel like a glamour queen in no time. No nudity, partial or otherwise is involved in any of the classes We focus on the tease element of Burlesque. By the end of the day you will know exactly what do with a feather boa, how to effortlessly take off a silk glove, and how to walk like you own the room!  

Chair Dancing

You will never see a chair in the same light again! (Or sit on one in the same way either!) A strong square chair silhouette soft feminine curves perfectly. Learn the sexiest moves to make our ordinary household chair the perfect frame for your performance. 

Burlesque Floorwork

This is a cheeky little class with tons of sass!
Learn how to circle your legs in ways that will make them look longer, how to arch your back to make your waist seem tiny and how to pout like a 50s Filmstar!

For any of the above classes, wear your favourite outfit!
Think `Burlesque`think `Glamour`!

 *Any alcohol cannot be consumed either before or during any party.

Defy Gravity - Parties

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What Our Students Say

  • "Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party! We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night! It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!" ~Maura Phillips~
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Certified Anotomy & Physiology
Certified Pole Fabric Instructor