VIP Personal Training

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VIP offers 5 different kinds of program:
1- Bespoke - to go over anything you wish and to speed up your progress for group classes.
2- Pole Dancer Body - for those who want to get strong and flexible!
3- Serpent Power - for those who would like to reconnect to the sensual woman within.
4- Ultra Flex - for those who wish to have a feel good natural range of motion, or have serious flexibility goals.

5- Competition/Show Training - for pole dancers who are competing or performing, at any level.


VIP Bespoke

You choose what we cover for these sessions. You can go over specific spins or tricks? Or Floor and Basework? A specific routine or sequence? Or all of the above.

Excellent for those who:

- Have never pole danced before and want to learn the basics before joining a group class
- Those who want to level up and speed up progress
- Those who want to enjoy a fully customised pole dance hour specifically for themselves

- Those who cannot attend evening classes but have their day free


VIP Pole Dancer Body

This service covers Pole Dance as a form of fitness, can also include Ultra Flex personalised sessions if requested.
If you have always wanted a personal trainer to push you to your personal best, but current methods do not seem fun or addictive enough, then try us?

Excellent for those who:

-Want to reach peak fitness in a fun yet challenging way
-Need their training to fit in with their schedule
-Cannot attend any evening classes
-Find current PT exercise  methods uninteresting

VIP Serpent Power

This is a specialist service, that focuses on body positive confidence building, via floor work, Serpent Power Sensual Movement Method and eventually mirror work. Pole Dance is known worldwide for its self esteem boosting effect, the dance aspect especially. Defy Gravity Instructor Jamie Taylor, has been teaching sensual pole dance to women in studio`s across the UK for several years. After this experience of seeing the profoundly positive effect of this style of pole dance, in the hundreds women she has taught, she has collated the best of what works, and created Therapy.

 Excellent for those who:

- Would like an hour devoted to themselves
- Would like to build confidence
- Wish to reconnect with the sensual woman they have lost touch with
- Want to adore what they see in the mirror everyday
- Want to reclaim their powerful, sensual selves

VIP Ultra Flex

Offering the full scale of flexibility help, from those who simply wish to feel good in their body, to be able to bend and twist with ease to their natural range of motion. And also for those who have serious backbend, forward bend and/split goals. Ultra Flex methods do not include painful stretches; all pain during stretching will cause the muscle to react in the opposite way to the one we need. Instead we promote joint strengthening, and relaxing exercises that will make gaining better flexibility and extremely enjoyable experience.

Excellent for those who:

- Feel creaks,aches and pains in their everyday life, and need to 'unstiffen', or just wish to gain normal flexibility
- Those who's sport/hobby causes a flex imbalance (rugby player, weight lifters, runners)
- Those who have a sport/hobby that demands extreme flexibility (martial artists, dancers)


VIP Competition/Show Training

Jamie Taylor has coached several students to competition success, and after her own comp success is now a well know National Judge. The DG Members who trained weekly, for months leading up their comp, under Jamie's instruction truly shined on the day, and placed. And the one's who chose not to unfortunately regretted it.
This VIP service includes full or partial routine building, combo and trick placement, drilling, accents and flourishes. Home practice advice and program.

Excellent for those who:

- Really want to give 100% to their comp/show experience
- Need the push and drive of an Instructor
- Want a unique and stand out edge to their routine
- Want a National Champion and Elite competitors advice and help during their training

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What Our Students Say

  • "Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party! We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night! It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!" ~Maura Phillips~
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