Pole Dance

Defy Gravity currently offers All Level Pole Dance classes, covering:

Spins, sits, tricks, climbs, pirouettes, dance, conditioning and basework.


Beginner/Improver level classes are Monday at 7pm and Tuesday at 6pm.

Mixed Ability (Improver level and up) Static Pole is Monday at 8pm

Mixed Ability (Improver level and up) Spinney Pole is Tuesday at 7pm

The Upside Down Club (Intermediate level and up) is Monday at 6pm

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The Dance Hour

This class is 100% dance only. We stay on the ground the entire class. We will cover pole dance styles from old school Stripper Style up to Modern Exotic, and also Floorwork and Grounded Basewerk. One of our most popular classes. No experience of pole dance is necessary as I can tailor the class content to beginners. But you will need kneepads. (Capezio kneepads from Amazon are great to start out with).

Wednesday at 6pm. All levels welcome. Trial 4 week courses available, please contact to discuss.


While every Pole Dance classes cover all spins, tricks, sits, pirros and conditioning, The Dance Hour covers Traditional Stripper Style to Modern Exotic, plus Basework and Floorwork in each and every class. This makes for an exiting syllabus as well as an all-rounded and multi-skilled pole student.

Mixed ability Static or Spinney classes are great for a beginners pole student's confidence, as you get to see first hand that even the higher-level students have to start from scratch when learning something new.

And that we all have different things that we find easy or hard no matter what the level. Everybody's body works differently and this is fine. You may be able to knock out a super strong advance trick but does your basic spin look as smooth as the 6-week student?


What is Traditional Stripper Style to Modern Exotic Pole DANCE technique?

This covers everything from authentic basics such as posture and shapes, bodywork (waves, ripples, hairography), handwork, platform edgework, traces and floating, also timing of fast and slow for effect in choreo. All the way to complex modern exotic steps, threads, reversals, and all Floorwork from easy basics to advanced freezes and combos.

What is Floorwork?

`Floor work` is a form of dance that is like a cross between pole dancing and lap dance. We do not use poles, or chairs (or laps!), just the floor. We create beautiful shapes, we travel by slinking across the floor and we create illusions with `leg loops and tangles`.

We also master Freezes and Lifts, Shoulder Rolls and Shelfs. Plus conditioning prep needed for advanced Floorwork.

What is Basework?

Basework is a mix of Floorwork, Spins and Tricks using only the bottom third of the pole.

An example of beginner routines can be seen here:


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What Our Students Say

  • "Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party! We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night! It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!" ~Maura Phillips~
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