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Why do I love to pole dance?

I had always wanted to have a go at pole dancing and never had the courage to go for it, until 2 years ago…I found DG Pole online, booked in for a one2one…and have never looked back!

 I started in the winter and loved it so much I signed up to a few batches of 8 week classes. I run my own company called Board Games (www.boardgamesurfing.com) which does surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) adventures on the coast in our lovely Pembrokeshire, which meant that when the spring arrived it was hard to get to class…so I brought a pole and made sure I kept my skills up at home! Over the summer I am busy out on the water coaching clients in the skills they need to enjoy going for adventures…but my pole dancing love didn’t leave me ( and there were many times I would think about the possibility of poling on the beach or on a board!).
 As soon as winter came round again I was signing back up for classes as I missed the support, help, fun and encouragement that you get from all the girls!

This winter I also joined a RLNA class too, to try get my flexibility better!
The winters are always long and I have found that doing pole and RLNA has helped my core stay strong. It has been a fantastic addition to my training that sometimes feels a bit “boring”- swimming, cycling etc..but pole is waaaaay too much fun to be real exercise! And though about half way through most RLNA classes you think you might not make it…coming out the other side and seeing you are getting closer to your pole goals is such an awesome feeling.

Being in the advanced class this winter has pushed my skills and made my love for pole grow….practice is the key and some days it hurts, but that is soon put to the back of your memory when you pull off an amazing spinny upsidedownyness move! And then there is the fact that it makes me feel freeeeee, spinning about, hanging upside down…when do you get to do that as a grown up?!!

So as you can see I LOVE POLE…it makes me smile
Olivia Chivers

I joined defy gravity over a year ago, I wasn't sure I wasn't too old but I loved it from the start. It doesn't matter what body shape you are or how old, I don't feel too old in classes even tho some are a lot younger than me. It's great to be part of a team of ladies who are so supportive. It is also very addictive - so much so that I got a pole at home! Erin is a fantastic teacher - patient, motivational, encouraging and inspiring. The stripper style classes with Jamie are fab, brings out the sensual side. I never thought I'd be able to do some of the moves I can do now, and there is so much more to learn. I feel at home with my body and confidence has grown heaps. Love it" A.Canning
Defy gravity is an awesome place for boosting confidence, general fitness, learning cool tricks and having a good giggle with a cracking bunch of girls! You really do become part of a pole family! Your first class can be daunting but you'll get the pole bug straight away! It's an addiction. The teachers are awesome and very supportive even when you're a little clumsy like me! Defy gravity is the place to be, don't miss out guys!!!"
A. Warrington
Being a member of Defy Gravity means so much to me. Jamie is an excellent teacher; she really cares and is always available to offer advice and support. There are plenty of classes to choose from so whether you want to improve your fitness or enhance your sex appeal there is a class to suit. The other members are truly awesome - these women are friendly, fun, helpful and inspiring. Best of all, age, class, fitness level, body shape - none of these things matter. Inclusivity is what it is all about." V.Osbourne
This is without fail the best thing I've done for myself :) as one who is large and in charge, chunky yet funky, I can say that this is the only fun I have ever had with fitness! I now have strength I didn't think possible and a confidence I previously thought laughable, if you think you're too big/old/generally unfit for this that is lunacy ^_^ It's 100% comfortable to be in the studio and judgement free, thank you Jamie and Erin (and all the other sexy students at DG) you super legends!" J.Khan
Well, what has Defy Gravity done for me...it has made me sexier, love my body more, give me muscles and skills I never thought I would have. It has put me in touch with my inner sensual self, it has made me belong to an epic tribe of wonderful women..and men...it is like a secret club that everyone should be a part of...let yourself go, be wild, be free and spin on a pole, upside down,sideways, on the floor, whatever...but be you! If you think "I can't do it", just give it a try, you might just love it...and then become addicted to it...the instructors are awesome, supportive and have so much knowledge and truly inspiring too...just go sign up if you haven't already, it is worth it :) Big love to Defy Gravity for all you have done...you rock my world!" O.Chivers
I really enjoyed the Valentines Lap Dance routine workshop you ran today. It was soooo good. I came home and carried on dancing. Thanks so much xxx! " V. Osborne
I only joined Defy Gravity in January this year but already I can feel that I've grown stronger and gained more confidence in myself. I can actually get fit doing something I love! Doing pole has definitely taught me the importance of a strong core and how to use muscles I've never felt before. As I have a bad back I didn't think I could do something like this but through DG, and their excellent teaching, I am able to go at my own pace and create my own style. The choreography aspects in the beginners classes has made me feel like I have a lot more control over my body and I really enjoy the dance side. The classes are a great form of fitness as well as being fun and the variance in classes keeps it interesting and challenging; I never knew how to properly stretch out my body until I took part in an ultra flex class, and found that the deep stretching helped a lot with nerve pain I had. I wholly envy Jamie's flexibility and Erin's strength and have the utmost respect for them for helping me do something I've always wanted to do but never had the confidence." R.Jones
Having not exercised for 8 years and not being a big fan of getting hot and sweaty, I was looking for a different form of exercise that would be fun and hopefully get me hooked. A friend in Cardiff was taking pole classes, but I never imagined that a Google search would find me classes in Pembrokeshire. First hurdle over, now I had to find the confidence to go to classes. I've had 5 babies and 3 abdominal operations and knew my core strength was poor and felt that I'd have trouble keeping up with a class. I met with Jamie for a consultation and decided to treat myself to twice weekly VIP sessions to build up my fitness and strength, within a month I felt more toned and stronger, so I went for it, and joined the beginners class. I made it through the first class without the worry of not being able to do as much as everyone else. I'd recommend VIP training to anyone having any issues with joining a class, they gave me a real boost in lots of ways, and Jamie's positivity really rubs off in those early stages. Now I do a class a week and have a pole in my spare room, and still find it hard to believe how far I've come in 4 months ." S.Glanville
Valentine's workshop was fantastic fun!! Loved every minute. Jamie is amazingly good at bringing out the best in us. Definitely recommend 100%." T.Thomas


This week we introduce our Defy Gravity Member of the Month!

Letty Marie Matthews!

Defy Gravity Studio

Q.What made you decide to start Pole Dancing?
A.I watched a video of Jenyne Butterfly.. and that was it, I wanted to do the things she did...

Q. What results have you achieved since starting Pole Dancing?
A. I have achieved many things through pole dancing. I have lost 3 stone! I have a stronger core. I have body confidence. I feel in touch with my feminine side.I have made many friends. I also learnt how to drive mainly to get to pole lessons!!

Q. What do you love best about being a member of Defy Gravity?
A. Being a part of Defy Gravity is awesome! I love the fact its a lil' community of strong women who all share the same passion for pole. I love the banter and all of Jamie's teaching techniques she makes it fun and she's very encouraging!  

Q. What would you say to someone on the fence about joining Defy Gravity?
A. Ok so when I first joined Defy Gravity. Ill be honest. I wasn't too sure of this `Stripper Style` of Pole Dancing. I joined purely to achieve tricks. I think after the first lesson that went out the window. I now own Pleasers (shoes) and my pole outfits are getting smaller. This is because pole dancing is for you and the way it makes you feel. so for anyone who is on the fence about joining Defy gravity should just put your opinions and judgements to one side and give it a go.

My first pole experience was at a friends house. when she told me she had a pole I automatically assumed that the reason she had a pole was for her husbands benefit. I was soon to learn pole isn't for anyone else it is for you! I instantly become addicted. With pole there is always a new challenge. you never stop learning! When I first started I told myself and other that I was doing it purely for fitness and I was... until I joined Jamie's pole lessons at Defy gravity. Since having lessons I have learnt pole isn't just about achieving new moves. there is more to it.. anyone can pole dance but Jamie teaches you to make it look effortless  I have lost 3+ stone through pole dancing an I feel amazing! you quickly develop muscles that you never even knew existed. I have a new found confidence, too!
And, I recently found out the women in my class who I thought were all in their 20`s are around 35!! Pole Dancing defies ageing as well as gravity!


Defy Gravity Studio

The first time I saw a video of Jamie pole dancing, I knew this performance art was for me. It has everything – strength- and health- enhancing moves performed with grace, self-expression and creativity, music and attractive costumes and a fun ‘naughty’ element for those who want it. What’s not to like?
When I started attending Jamie’s classes, I thought I would never be able to hang upside down by my legs, or use a spinny pole, or get anywhere near doing the splits. However, Jamie is a very patient and clever teacher and now I feel confident doing all these things and believe I can progress further with her help. Pole dancing has become a very important part of my life.
The Rockin Legs N Abs classes go well with pole dancing and are very enjoyable – you can literally feel them doing you good.
At 61, I am very much aware that attending all these classes can help to avoid numerous health problems commonly associated with ageing, as well as providing the simple boost of feeling and looking fit and having a good time.
Debbie .M , Intermediate class and RNLA.


Defy Gravity Studio

"It took me a year to pluck up the courage to go to pole classes, and I wish I hadn’t waited! I wanted to start regular exercise, but the thought of the gym just wasn’t inspiring me, I wanted something ‘different’ and signing up was the best thing I’ve done! Jamie's classes are so well balanced, and fun – and my fellow students are great, everyone is really positive and supportive, so it's a great environment! Pole class is my 'happy place' What i found first starting out is that even if you can only go once a week you still make progress, every single week you get stronger, maybe nail a move that you struggled with the week before – and that feels fantastic! I have two prolapsed disks, and Jamie has always pointed out moves I should take extra care with or an alternative way of executing a trick, she looks after each her students I’ve been dancing for about 1.5 years now, and I've got much more confidence, plus doing tricks I never thought I’d be doing when I first started… I wonder what I’ll be able to do this time next year!

Having back problems, core strength is important to me, to keep me functioning normally… so I signed up for RLNA classes the week they started! I have the DVD at home, but lack the space to do the whole routine. Again, the benefit of this class is that Jamie is on hand to point out correct technique (and tells me when to take care) and – like the pole classes, everyone is super friendly which makes for a nice class atmosphere. I’m stronger and more flexible for having taken this class, which has meant better lines in dance moves and better form during shoulder mount training. Plus I’m closer to achieving a split than ever it’s the only non-pole program that I’ve stuck with, this is because it’s rockin but mostly because it really works!"


Defy Gravity Studio

"I started pole dancing with Jamie in 2012 as i wanted to try something new and get fit. I wasn't too sure if i would be any good as i've tried dance classes a number of times before and quit due to just being awful at dancing. Luckily, the fact i cannot dance was not an issue as Jamie focuses on your strengths. I pole danced for a year then stopped for a year. But last year i wanted to get back into it, i thought it would take ages to get back into the swing of thing but i was soon moved up to advanced class. I found that not being flexible was restricting certain moves i wanted to achieve on the pole so as soon as Jamie mentioned she will start doing Rocking Legs and Abs i really wanted to join. So I've started from the first lesson and now i am 5x closer to doing the splits than i have ever been and my legs and bum are so much stronger and toned. I would recommend everyone to give pole dancing a go cause you don't know what fun you are missing!"


Defy Gravity Studio

Omg Cleo's Rockin' legs and abs is amazing!

I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants to be awesome!!

Been going to Jamie Taylor's RLNA classes since the very first one and it's helped my strength and flexibility so much!!

Thank you Cleo and Jamie!! I'm in love with this work out!! xxx


Defy Gravity Studio

I attended the 'Your Performance Pole Workhop' and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I felt that working through all the styles you can apply to a performance (Rock, Podium, Burlesque, Stripper style and Balletic) really helped and inspired me to find my own individual style. I now know there is an inner Rock chick waiting to be unleashed, a bit of a sexy stripper within me and a bit of Balletic gracefullness thrown in for good measure. I believe I can now go away and apply the skills attained at the workshop to develop my own personal style and work on finding my performance comfort level which I didn't think existed. Thanks Jamie, you really are a true pole star and inspiration!


I did pole fitness before finding Jamie and Defy Gravity. It was kinda dry and pointless. So you gain strength and flexibility, you learn some moves; but you learn them without any flow, just like a box ticking thing, a trick and then another trick. With Jamie's lessons I get the moves with grace and flow (well, as far as I have any grace or flow in me, it's a challenge to find it!)... I'm *still* going to get just as strong and fit by it, still going to learn how to pull off those moves, but the dancing is a bonus.


I did a pole course with Jamie Taylor Defy Gravity - for a while I was embarrassed about it and only told a few people (obviously it's quite public now!!). The excuse you missed out: 'I'm too old' - this was one of my concerns. I thought it would be full of teens/early twenties who would laugh at 'the old bird' but was pleasantly surprised by the range of ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Since doing the class I've realised that there is no other form of exercise that works the stomach muscles in quite the same way. If I was still local I wouldn't hesitate to do another pole course, I'd recommend it to all ladies (and men actually) for toning, stamina, fitness and confidence - you can't beat it :) . . . and if you are considering it but haven't quite plucked up the courage my advice is go to one class . . .you'll be counting the days until the next. Huge fun



Think Iv jus found that motivation iv been looking for!!..  ha! had an awsum 1st pole dance class! AMAZING!.. wasnt wat I expected at all!.. cant believe the things Jamie jus got us girls doing.. cnt believe she got me doing them! :)) guna av me sum lil muscles in no time!Thanku Jamie DefyGravity really enjoyed.. fantastic teacher :) c u nxt wk! All I need now is a pole ;D x


Feedback from Floor Dance and Stripper Style Pole Dance Workshops:


workshops were amazing, best wkend treat ive had in 4eva...more,more,more! ”


..thoroughly enjoyed Jamie’s masterclass, it was very helpful and she is a fab teacher and she was great fun as well. Learned lots of new moves in a sexy style I haven’t tried before. Liked that we did a routine as a class to finish off and loved her demo at the end. A brilliant fun session!”


Jamie was awesome. Made me realise I should feel good about sticking to my strengths which is the dance stuff and not the tricks, I loved her! Please say she’s coming again?!”


“it was fantastic to have someone like Jamie to come and teach us, she is amazing at what she does and so sexy and slinky doing it.”


I would definitely like to arrange another day of workshops! I think that something fundamental like getting in touch with/ recognising / accepting your own sexuality, and then using this knowledge/ acceptance to inspire movement which exudes ownership and control would be amazing and sooo beneficial, especially to me as an instructor too, I’d love to help ladies feel more confident with some of the more sexy moves, and the way you spoke about it in your ‘stripper style’ workshop was fascinating. I’d love more of that. Just more Jamie full stop actually!"


Feedback from Defy Gravity Internal Dialogue and Potential Talk:

It was soooo good! I’ve had such a good morning now that I'm more self aware. Turns out I have a lot less to stress about than I thought I had bonus!


I was driving home earlier, sun shine and blue sky, and I thought 'it would be so amazing to see a buzzard about now - I love buzzards so much ...' and 5 mins down the road one flew across my path, eye level...and it WAS amazing ... had the happiez all morning ... energy really is very sticky


have a fab weekend everyone xx


Feedback from Defy Gravity Internal Dialogue and Potential Talk:


Hi Jamie,
Fantastic workshop. Lots to take in, lots to think about, lots to work through. Making lists already. I know once I finish working through it all in my head, I will be full me again. Limits are going to fall off one by one. "Rome wasn't built in a day" as they say, so the change won't complete overnight, but it's started! and they also say that God made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. He deserved it, as that was a pretty big to do list. Mine is a bit smaller, and maybe I won't make the world, but if I can in some small way make the world a better place, hey that's great too, and "my world" will definitely be a better place to be.
Now that I have identified my critical inner voice it cannot dupe me again, 'cos I'll recognise it and discard its advice without a second thought.

AND, today is a beautiful sunny day to start my metamorphosis.




W. Thomas


Feedback from Defy Gravity Internal Dialogue and Potential Talk:

I took so much away from the Internal Dialogue workshop it would take a very long time to jot down all that I got and learnt but one thing I truly was and that was inspired. I now understand that it is neccessary to be in awe, excited, to learn and just be happy every single day - this is kind of what I had forgotten and had got drawn into one big massive slump - focusing on the bad, negative and downright ugly instead of taking note to what I do have, look at things differently and be in awe of even the simplest of things to the downright most awes-someness!!!

I have taken away a positive though process and even though it will be inevitable that negative does creep in throughout my life I now have the power to ground myself and stay on that top rung throughout all of life's experiences and enjoy it..I think that is the main thing. As Jamie say's 'it's our given right' and truly believe this, we are here for a short time, enjoy it and don't be dragged down, with positive steps and constant learning life can only get better.

Thank-you to Jamie, the other girls at the Internal Dialogue class and a definite recommendation to anyone who want's to attend a similar workshop, don't be afraid to look inside yourself, as scary as some people may think this is, I did and I did it - and feel much better for it


My passion for pole dancing started 6 years ago; I’ve attended 3 different schools so I thought I knew a lot when it came to pole. It wasn’t until I moved to Pembrokeshire and started Jamie’s class that I realised what true pole dancing was. Jamie’s pole and floor work blow me away; every time I watch her perform I’m simply amazed. And all her years of experience she passes on to us. Not only do we learn how to dance properly, we tone up and most of all we laugh…a lot!


Thank you so much for the notes and for the lesson. I cannot believe how much we covered. Have learned so much. Can't wait to practice it all! Hopefully see you again next time we are down in Wales


Cheers loads for today's workshop Jamie, not only for teaching me 'the moves', but allowing me to acquire a whole new vocabulary!! Ass mountains indeed! ;)


I have been pole dancing for just over a year. I took it up when I was 53. I am proof that anyone, any age, shape or size can do pole dancing and really have a lot of fun.

I have done other forms of exercise before, but they all felt like a chore, and I had to force myself to go to classes, but when I tried pole classes it was completely different. I enjoy it so much I can't wait for the next week's class. There are always new moves to challenge you, so it is impossible to get bored.

I would recommend everyone try it, at least once, you'll be amazed what you can do. Jamie is an amazing teacher who can get the best out of anyone!


Today's workshop was fantastic. thank's jamie!!


Jamie's 'The Pole Dancer Body' class features a variety of endurance, stretching and balancing exercises which help everyone to fulfil their full potential for flexibility, suppleness and strength. It doesn’t matter at what level you start. If you are not particularly fit, no problem, because you can work at your own pace and take each move just as far as suits you. If you are already very fit, you will find the challenge you need and be inspired to progress that little bit further at each class. You may also achieve an all body fitness which you haven’t experienced before. 
Jamie always makes sure there is a fun atmosphere and that no-one feels left out. I have attended many keep fit classes and this is far and away the best.


This lady is the best you can get!
L.Stockwell - Nye


I have been coming to Defy Gravity for a while now each time it keep getting better and better. So much fun and my body is getting toned at the same time. Jamie is a first class teacher, down to earth and great to get on with. A credit to herself and everyone who attends.



Something I have always wanted to try for ages. Jamie made the daunting first lesson fun and achievable. A great way to keep in shape and I enjoy the challenge of Pole Dancing.
Warning! This is addictive!


Very proffesional teacher with lots of experience, relaxed and comfortable environment and heaps of fun!
Nicki Rees


This has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Jamie is a wicked teacher and had made me look at Pole Dancing in a different way. 
I love it!
Cailedh Chaplin.



I have been pole dancing for a few months now and have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone completely and taught me some nifty moves along the way. The benefits I have noticed from pole dancing are better co-ordination, toning and tightening of my whole body especially my upper arms and legs as well as strengthening my abdominal muscles.

Jamie is a great teacher who is very patient (which is much appreciated) and always eager for you to learn new moves and never intimidates you by showing off how good she is (she really is that good). Whenever I have stuggled with moves Jamie has been able to adapt them so that I don't miss out, and when trying
something new is always supportive (sometimes literally).

Pole dancing is not a sleazy form of exhibitionism but instead a dance form which requires skill, dedication and strength and as it is mainly performed by women you could say that it showcases how femininity is not frivolous and frilly but often strong and sexy.
Laura Evans


You should be well proud of yourself Jamie, you deserve a certificate yourself for services to woman-kind. After a bit of time in your company we all turn into goddessess!
Nicola Newman


Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party!
We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night!
It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!
Maura Phillips

Jamie is a first class instructor, I can say that for definite as I came to her classes from another pole dance school. Her attitude and personality made me feel comfortable, and now I have dance steps and transitions to use between pole moves, which I had missed out on before. Highly recomended!
Danielle Roberts
I have seen less fluidity in a lava lamp!
Amy, owner of Candy and Chrome-North Wales (on Jamie`s pole performance) 


Jamie is a gifted, inspired performer and teacher. Her approach is sensitive, yet her discipline is effective in gaining results fast for her students and her amazing dance acts!
Guinevere, owner of Baubo Belly Dance, Wales


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  • "Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party! We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night! It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!" ~Maura Phillips~
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